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Walk of Honor Recognition


Walk of Honor Recognition To The Mannara Family and Bob Felasco

An induction ceremony followed the fourth annual Columbus Day Parade, October 9, 2006, naming five honorees to the NorthSide Walk of Honor. Among the  names added  this year are North High Alumni, the Mannara Family and Robert “Bob” Felasco.  Their names will be inscribed on plaques prominently placed in the North Salina Street area now referred to as “Little Italy”.

            The Mannara Family is deeply rooted in the lore of the Northside and North High School communities.  They are a fine representation of the proud, early immigrant families that settled here, determined to make a better place for themselves and their children.  In ordinary manner they influenced others by example and service.

 The Mannara boys, Joe ’44, Tom ’48 and Lou ’50 were outstanding athletes and   played important roles on North High’s championship basketball and baseball teams.

Joe was a coach at St. Anthony’s and C.B.A., Tom went on to play in the Dodger Organization and Lou enjoyed a great teaching career.   All were active in the City Recreation athletic program as players, coaches and officials.    

            The girls, Eleanor, Caroline, Rose’42, Maryann ’52, Loretta ’56 and Susan’59 contributed their talents to a variety of school, church, community organizations and activities.

            The Reverend Fred, current pastor of Holy Rosary Parish, and a C.B.A. graduate is also a distinguished athlete.  More importantly, he is a spiritual leader, a strong advocate for the needs of his parish and a model priest in the Syracuse Diocese.

The Mannara family’s dedication to community service, their loyalty, strong family values, love of county and family, was shared humbly and quietly and it did not go unnoticed.

            We Windy Hillers, your old friends, neighbors, and high school mates proudly extend our congratulations and best wishes               










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