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Joan White


Windy Hiller Spreads Joy to The World

 Joan White, (‘52) founder of Joygerms Unlimited hosted a 25th Anniversary celebration, on Sunday, Jan.8, at the Carousel Center that resonated across the country.

The Joygerm idea germinated after having read about a California couple offering to do the worrying for others for a fee.

Since the organization’s inception, (one that has no dues, meetings or formal structure), the organization has grown to over 100,000 card-carrying members.  Arguably there are millions more who are unofficially but affectionately infected.  Several of her seriously contagious germ members spread their happiness by periodically entertaining at local nursing homes and hospitals.

Joan has achieved national recognition, having been interviewed by Phil Donahue, honored by Family Circle Magazine and will soon be featured in an article in the upcoming issue of “In Good Health”, a regional health-care newspaper. In 1996, the Post Standard and The Syracuse Federation of Women’s Clubs recognized her for her outstanding achievement.

Care to join… Great deal…no dues or meetings…..just….

Send self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

                                    Joygerms Unlimited

                                    P.O.Box 555 Eastwood Station,

                                    Syracuse , NY 13206

Joan, Windy Hillers everywhere embrace this wonderful idea, and share in your enthusiasm for cult-ivating joy, courtesy and cheer.

Congratulations and continued success.














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