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Below is a letter from Mr. Lewis to Joe Donabella, following the 50th Reunion of the Class of 1947.   Reproduced from the original handwritten copy.


Letter From Mr. Lewis

1947 – 1997

  50th Year Reunion

Dear Dobber,

            Thanks for a wonderful evening!  You and your committee did a magnificent job putting together our 50th reunion.  It was an honor and a privilege for me to be a part of it all.

            So long as there are any of us left to breath who knew North High School, it will never be forgotten.

            They tore down the old building that housed us, but let them reach as far as they may, they can never tear down the spirit of North, that lives in all of us.

            At our reunion, from beginning to end, there was an aura of camaraderie, love and friendship, of such quality, that there is no proper way of telling it.

            For all of us it was like coming home.  They say, “You can never go back again”, but we did!  And it was a pleasure!

            I have a feeling we’ll do it again and again.


                                                Farewell to the Neighborhood School

                                                At our reunion at 50 years

                                                My mother and father went to North

                                                My brother and sister too.

                                                My aunts and uncles, and cousins as well,

                                                Just to name a few.


                                                Most of the kids I grew up with;

                                                Kids from the neighborhood,

                                                Through kindergarten and grammar school,

                                                Would go there – it was understood.


                                                North was our home on Windy Hill.

                                                Our School – make no mistake.

                                                Steeped in tradition and loyalty.

                                                It’s friendliness made it great.


                                                This is where we’re coming from,

                                                Why we are here tonight.

                                                To honor its’ spirit and winning ways.

                                                To cheer with all our might.


                                                We’ll not forsake thee ol’ North High,

                                                We remember down all the years,

                                                You’re vibrant pride and dignity

                                                And send up hearty cheers.


                                                Classmates, teammates, graduates – all,

                                                We rejoice with you tonight.

                                                The memories and friendships made,

                                                And laugh in sheer delight.


                                                The building is gone, that housed us all

                                                But they didn’t reach far enough.

                                                They couldn’t tear down the spirit of North

                                                That lives in all of us!


                                                So hail to the Alma Mater,

                                                Our home on Windy Hill.

                                                Your love and memories still prevail,

                                                For sure, they always will.


                                                And as the setting sun does glow,

                                                Up there on Windy Hill.

                                                I hear the gentle night winds sigh –

                                                Our hearts are with thee still.

                                                                        Bob Lewis, Class of 1933-34


            How well I remember, - as a skinny little kid, 14 years of age, - walking up those concrete steps off Mary St., to enter North High School for the first time.  Little did I know then, that it was to be my home, for more years than I could ever imagine.

            How lucky can you get?

         That great football team of 1947, was never mine.  It was yours, or (if you will allow me) – ours. 

         Whatever we did, we won football games, and we did it together.  In the doing of it, - I had more dammed fun than all of you put together.

         Championships?  Yes, we did that; but in the process, we built friendships.  May we never forget that.  All of you have taken a hold on my heart--- Never release your grip.


                                                                        Your friend,

                                                                        Bob Lewis



            The team picture was great!

            Thanks again to all of you.  Come see me sometime.

            Who knows – at my age, just when I may change residence?






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